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Winter Cleaning (Eggs)

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the disruption in our regular updates and egg ordering.

We ran into some logistical issues last week and weren't able to get eggs prepped or the blog sent out!

Egg supply is still pretty low right now, but we do currently have some available for ordering on the website. Pick up as always on Wednesday from 11-2pm.

Order Eggs Here:

We've been scrambling this past week to get the 'Germination'/'Starter' greenhouse in tip-top shape before we start our first seeds. Getting close! Hoping to have hands in soil any day now. :) Also, we were out walking and admiring the mountains of snow piling up around the tunnels again. Hoping the heat wave headed our way this week will help clear the rest of the snow off the plastic and we can start to clear a bunch away from the sides.

Piles of trays and supplies drying after a bleach bath and rinse.

Pictured is only a fraction of what gets cleaned.

It's one of our least favorite tasks (takes forever!) but essential!

Hope you are all finding enjoyment in the little things this time of year. :)

-Bryn & Wil

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