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Patzoldt's Peaches

Patzoldt's Peaches: Our Farm

Welcome to the 2024 Peach Season!

*We will begin accepting reservations in July when our dates are confirmed*

To reserve a box, scroll down and click on the Peach picture with the desired shipment date to place the item in your cart. You will then go through the check out process and fill in your name, address, email, and phone information. You will know your order was successfully submitted when you receive an automatic confirmation email!

First Delivery of PEACHES: To Be Determined

Second Delivery of PEACHES: To Be Determined

Pay for your fruit by CASH or CHECK during pick-up times: 8:00am - 6:00pm


3203 Horseshoe Lake Road

Grand Rapids, MN 55744

**Only 2 driveways away from us!**

Questions? Email:

Or, phone orders can be recorded by calling: 218-360-2121

For over 30 years the Patzoldt family, starting with Arnold & Wanda Patzoldt, has been bringing you the tastiest, juiciest peaches from Colorado!

The Colorado orchard source is located in the unique climate of Palisades, which offers the ideal texture and juicy sweet flavor found in these peaches. By pre-ordering, the peaches can be left on the trees until optimal ripeness and then shipped directly to the Patzoldts. 

* Family owned and operated * Hand Picked and Packed * Sustainable *

**Please be aware that pick-up dates can change due to weather & crop conditions so please check the Patzoldt's Peaches Facebook Page for updates!**

Patzoldt's Peaches: Our Farm

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Patzoldt's Peaches

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