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Tomatoes, peppers, and flowers, Oh my!

Our greenhouse is loaded with beautiful tomatoes just begging to go home with you! This weeks forecast is shaping up to be a beautiful one. We are going to hit our first 70 degree day, giving us hope that summer is just around the corner. Night temps are hovering in the high 40's and low 50's, which means tomatoes and peppers are almost safe to go in. Beware though, Minnesota can throw us a curve ball so be prepared to cover these tender crops if temps drop again before June.

Our next pick up day is Monday from 3-6pm so make sure to get your orders placed before Noon today! (If you get your order in before 5pm we MIGHT be able to fill it and will send you a message if that's the case :) We've added a few more plant varieties this week. 3 more kinds of cucumbers, a limited amount of squash plants, some new flowers, and the first SPINACH of the season is on the menu!

Last quick note...please remember that our plants have lived a comfy warm life in the greenhouse up until this point and would prefer to go through a hardening on process before planting. This allows them to acclimate to the changing weather outside. Please leave your plants out during the warm parts of the day, and bring them inside in the evening as temps start to cool for a few days.

-Bryn & Wil

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Can I get some petunias and spinach? (The radishes were wonderful!)

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