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Tomatoes have arrived!

Get ready because cherries, small salad tomatoes, and slicers are all starting to ripen nicely! Here come Tomato Sandwiches, BLTs, Caprese Salad, Bruschetta, and endless possibilities.

Inventory is all updated and we have a couple other new veggies this week along with tomatoes.

First of the zucchini is just starting to ripen. No giants yet, but instead those nice little tender ones great for sauteing or eating fresh!

(Picture from last year. :)

Kohlrabi is also back! Our outdoor planting is looking great and we should have them for at least the next few weeks.

Please note: When you pick up your order, tomatoes will not be refrigerated! So if you have other goodies, please check for your order in 2 different places. Tomatoes will be bagged on the tables, and other veggies bagged and in the refrigerators. Thanks!

Direct link to website to order veggies:


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