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This weeks Farm Box

Surprise! The first of the green beans are ready! You can find them in this weeks Farm Box.

June 18th Box contents:

1/2 Lb of Green Beans

Mix of Pickling Cucumbers and Slicers

1 Bundle of Kale

1 Bundle of Green Onions

1 Bundle of Red Scallions

1 Lb of Rhubarb

2 Herb Plants - Mint & Mexican Mint Marigold

The Mexican Mint Marigold is the yellow flowering plant in the middle of the pot. It's a great addition to any herb garden or flower pot. The leaves have a sweet licorice flavor that is similar to French Tarragon. The flowers are also edible and can spruce up any salad. They bloom all summer long!

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How do I sign up for a farm box?

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