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The Quick Pace of Spring

There are so many things happening on the farm right now! The work we are currently doing affects our entire season ahead, which makes this next month the most crucial time of year (and the hardest!). Three different tunnels are being prepped simultaneously, we've started planting in ground, we are still seeding every few days, and baby plants are being potted up daily for our spring plant sales. On top of the actual farming work, we also have a website that needs updating, a farm stand to overhaul, a trailer to be cleaned out, displays washed, last minute supplies ordered, and a constant stream of emails to reply to!

It becomes very overwhelming, but that's spring on a farm!

Before we know it, we will be reaping the rewards of our work by harvesting the first spring greens, filling online orders, and heading to the opening day (for us) of the

Grand Rapids Farmers' Market

Saturday, May 11th

8am - 1pm

We are looking forward to opening day and getting to see all of our customers again!

Speaking of dates...please mark your calendars for the 6th annual

Bryndlewood Gardens

Open House & Plant Sale

Saturday, May 4th

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

We are excited to welcome you all back to the farm for a fun filled day of plant shopping, exploring, learning, and visiting. We will be happy to give farm tours throughout the day to anyone that is interested. It's also a great opportunity to learn some new tips & tricks from us and get some of your gardening questions answered.

Oh, and the best of all... go home with some amazing plants! ;)

We have added some wonderful new stuff this year to a large variety of old favorites. Lots of new Heirloom tomatoes, more perennials, some fun new grasses, and vines. We will be highlighting some of our new offerings/varieties in the coming weeks on Facebook so keep a look out.

We are so excited for this event and hope to see you all at the farm on May 4th!

The first plants have been in the ground for over a week and are thriving! Lettuce, kohlrabi, kale, chard, collards, and broccoli. Next up, we will be direct seeding radishes, carrots, beans, and peas.

So many fun & beautiful flowers are getting potted up for our spring plant sales. We seed them very densely in small trays first. This is a space saver in the early weeks of germinating, but also benefits the plants in other ways. They get fresh nutrients from new soil and we eliminate any legginess by burying the plants up to their first leaves.

A little chicken update. The baby chicks are growing quickly and developing their first true feathers. They are staying toasty warm in the brooder box, but will be moved to a larger space soon.

The adult chickens are moving around too. Most have found a home in the summer coop already as they had to be evicted from the high tunnels so we could plant. The oldest birds in our flock have been moved to the newest built tunnel, which is still being completed. They have been given the task of clean up! They will eat up any emerging weeds and leave behind some much needed manure in this future grow space.

We've got beautiful eggs this week available for pick up tomorrow at the farm from 11-2pm.

Happy Spring Everyone!

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