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Risky Business & Easter Eggs

We wanted to share a bright green picture of baby lettuce to distract from all the white stuff outside! While it's definitely not an ideal time for winter to finally show up, we are trying to make the most of it. We prepared as best we could and are thankful that the power is on and our heaters are working!

Just two days ago, we read about a flower farmer in Wisconsin who lost her entire year of seedlings overnight when the heater malfunctioned. My heart just sank. It was a stark reminder of how quickly we could lose everything this time of year, or really any time of year! It doesn't matter how much you plan, prepare, or utilize fancy equipment. One storm, one freeze, one heatwave, one piece of equipment breaking, one disease, one pest, and numerous other things could wipe out everything in a blink.

Farming is a risky business, which makes the successes all the more special!

A side by side photo from sunny Saturday morning to Monday.

It's weird that it finally looks like winter after months and months of basically no snow!

These two pictures of kohlrabi were taken exactly 1 week apart. The speed of growth is incredible. We are missing the sun, but the plants are still thriving.

We listed lots of farm fresh eggs this week for the upcoming holiday. I think they are so beautiful already the Easter Bunny doesn't even need to color them! Plus, they will be really easy to find in this new snow. ;)

Pick up Wednesday at the farm from 11-2pm.

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