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Baby Chicks!

This years new flock of hens have arrived on the farm! Love these cute little fuzz balls.

They won't be little for long and will soon turn into feathered teenagers anxious to break out of their brooder box! Then, in about 5 months, around the beginning of August, they will start laying their first eggs.

If you want to enjoy some farm fresh eggs now from our current flock...

Pick up Wednesday, at the farm, from 11-2pm.

The first batch of lettuce is looking beautiful and is ready to be planted along with the kohlrabi, kale, and broccoli. The first tunnel is almost prepped and I hope to start planting in the next couple of days!

The pace on the farm starts to really pick up in April! The greenhouse is filling up with starts that need constant attention, continuous seeding is happening every week, tunnels are being prepped for planting, transplanting begins, and potting up baby plants into larger containers for sale begins. It's crazy to think we are only 1 month away from the start of spring plant sales and the first harvest!

The germination was great on our first batch of tomatoes. These ones are destined to be planted in Tunnel #2 this year in a few short weeks!

Hope you are all enjoying dreaming up plans for your own gardens this year!

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