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The In-between

Late June is always a transition time on the farm. The in-between.

Bedding plants are almost gone, the major planting for the year is almost complete, spring veggies are starting to end (like lettuce & radishes), and the countdown begins for summer favorites like beans, peas, carrots, tomatoes, and peppers!

While there is still a bit of a wait for tomatoes and peppers, next week (or even by the end of the week!) we should be starting to harvest green beans, more broccoli, and maybe even the 1st of the carrots! We will also be flush with cucumbers very very soon.

Beautiful cut kohlrabi.

The in-between means we don't have quite enough variety this week to fill a full Farm Box. Instead, we've listed a few veggies individually.

You can order kohlrabi, cucumbers, scallions, kale, and farm fresh eggs for Wednesday pick up.

Baby Green Beans

The heat mid week will really kick their growth into high gear!

The greenhouse is getting emptier and emptier.

From now until they are gone, ALL remaining plants are on SALE!

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