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The heat has arrived...

...And with it comes summer goodies! Carrots, green beans, sugar snap peas, and cucumbers are all flourishing. They seem to grow bigger by the second with the kind of heat we are going to have all week. That means our inventory will be continuously updating until the close of ordering tomorrow (6/28) as we harvest and try to keep up with the crops. So if something shows "Out of Stock" the first time you check, make sure to look again and you might just be in luck!

The tunnels are looking great and tomatoes and peppers are coming along nicely. Won't be long now!

We are at the end of plant season and will be doing a CLEARING OUT SALE this week! We will have some tables full of plants during pick up that you can choose from or you can also order ahead online. Almost everything is 50% OFF or more! Check it out. :)

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