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The Farm Box is Back!

1st Farm Box of the season is ready for ordering!

June 1st Box Contents:

- Variety of Lettuce x 3

- Broccoli

- Radishes

- Kohlrabi

- Rhubarb

The crops that we planted early are filling in nicely and we are still in full on spring transplant scramble. On today's to do list is seed carrots/beans/sugar snap peas, transplant onions/3rd batch of lettuce/more flowers/eggplant, pot up remaining herbs & peppers, start pruning tomatoes. and start to harvest veggies!

In a perfect world all of that will get done today, but in reality it will probably take me all week (Scratch probably, it for sure will :).

We still have a greenhouse bursting full of tomato, pepper, herb, veggie, and flower plants ready for your gardens!

For Northern Minnesota, Memorial Day weekend is traditionally considered the first safe time to plant, and the weather is finally looking favorable. Our plants will still need some time to "harden off", and need to be slowly acclimated to the sun, but once they go through that process it should be safe to plant now. Since we've had such a lack of sun this spring, the plants will be particularly susceptible to leaf burn. Make sure to keep them in shade/dappled light for a few days before introducing them to sun (avoiding hot midday sun for at least a few more days after that!). Avoid overhead watering too as water droplets turn into magnifying glasses and increase the likeliness of leaf burn.

You can find us at the GR Farmer's Market Saturdays with plants and veggies too!

This week, we will not have any eggs available, other than filling our weekly standing orders.

The chickens laying has slowed down a bit and our supply is low.


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