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Still Cold. Still Muddy.

Where is the sun???

We are having a hard time putting a positive spin on this weather anymore.

It's just a bummer. So cold. So dreary. So wet. So not spring.

This picture should be bursting with light, and instead even the greenhouse looks a little bit sad. The plants want some sunshine and so do these farmers! I'm sure everyone else does too!

We've been trying to move forward prepping two other high tunnels to plant, but it's proving to be quiet difficult. We still can't move any equipment around so all our materials are being carried by hand. It adds a lot of extra labor and man hours to simple tasks. For example, instead of scooping up a large load of manure with the ASV and making one trip, we had to hand shovel it into buckets in a wheelbarrow. It took over a dozen trips walking back and forth and added at least an extra 2 hrs to the task. The positive... some progress is better than no progress!

The tomatoes and peppers are quickly out growing their pots as we've passed our planned transplant date. Without any solar energy heating up the soil in the high tunnels, it's just simply still too cold to plant. Plants want warm feet and won't take too kindly to being put into frigid soil after being nice and toasty in the greenhouse.

Bottom line, we need some sun!

Regardless of the weather outside, the plants are still growing and we can't wait to share them with you soon!

*Eggs are listed and ready for ordering.*

Order Eggs Here:

Pick up Wednesday, from 11-2pm.

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