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September 7th Farm Box

After returning home from our first summer weekend away, we did a farm walk and found an abundance of vegetables waiting to be picked, which means...we will be offering a Farm Box for tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 7th) pick up!

You won't want to miss it! As tomatoes are starting to fade away, the carrots are just beginning to hit their prime. The kale will only continue to get sweeter into the fall and the bell peppers are still in their prime. The onions will last forever in the fridge and are a great addition to any meal. The days of snacking on fresh garden cucumbers are quickly coming to an end, so enjoy them while you still can!

September 7th Farm Box:

- Tomatoes - Mix of Cherries & Other Sizes

- Carrots

- Kale

- Cucumbers

- Sweet Peppers

- Sweet Onions

- Dried Red Onions

- Zucchini

As school begins today, and fall schedules begin to change routines, please know that you can always reach out to request a later pick up time if needed if the 11-2pm window does not work for you. Thanks!

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