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Online Plant & Veggie Ordering is Live!

Online plant ordering is officially live for the 2023 season!

For ease of browsing, click the "Shop Farm Stand" on the top page of our website and select the category you'd like to shop. We have plants separated by Herbs, Flowers, Tomatoes/Peppers/Eggplant, Cruciferous, & Other Veggies.

The Fresh Veggies category is where you can order our freshly harvested vegetables and eggs.

Click below to Start Shopping!

If you place your order by Tuesday evening at 6:00pm, please pick up your plants Wednesday, from 11-2pm.

We have many of our past favorites listed and excited by some new flower varieties.

I'm particularly excited about our new wave petunia colors! We have them in both beautiful hanging baskets and smaller pots. Like in years past, we will be frequently updating inventory and listing new varieties as the season progresses, so make sure to check back or email with any questions if there is something you'd like and maybe aren't seeing yet!

This week we've added some of our purple lettuce varieties along with green romaine, butter, & oakleaf lettuce. The first of the swiss chard & kale is also ready!

Pick up at the farm on Wednesday, from 11-2pm.

This years young hens are getting a fresh taste of garden weeds!

Farm Fresh Eggs are also available for ordering with pick up on Wednesday, 11-2pm.

We are glad to have our first market under our belts and have a big week ahead. Lots of harvesting, lots of planting, and lots of prep for our Open House & Plant Sale next Sunday!

Help us out by spreading the word to your family and friends! It's always and super fun event and we love seeing everyone that comes out to visit!

Bryndlewood Gardens

Open House & Plant Sale

Sunday, May 21st


Come join us on the farm to shop, explore, & learn!

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