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One More Farm Box & Eggs Are Back!

Hello again!

It's been over a month since we last wrote and took a step away from the farm. We needed to redirect for a while and try to recharge before the hard task of getting ready for winter begins. We are sending out an update today because we have some good news to share...

We did a walk around yesterday evening and found lots of goodies still hiding in the tunnels, which means we are going to put together one last Farm Box of the season!

Please Note: For just this week, the pick up day will be changing to Thursday, Sept. 30th from 11-2pm.

September 30th Farm Box Contents:

- Tomatoes

- Peppers

- Onions

- Carrots

- Celery

- Zucchini

- Patty Pan Squash

- **Maybe** Cucumbers & Kale (Depends on how much I find when I go to pick!)

Eggs are also back, and we plan to have them available on a weekly basis again throughout Fall & Winter.

Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful fall weather and colors!

- Bryn & Wil

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