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Midseason Break

Greetings everyone!

The good news first...we have Farm Fresh Eggs available for ordering this week!

Order Here:

The not as good news...we are taking a midseason break from Farm Boxes and veggie ordering.

The farm needs some much needed attention (weeding, pruning, planting) so we can continue to offer an abundance of beautiful vegetables the rest of the summer.

So, we will be focusing on maintenance rather than harvesting this week.

If you are in need of veggies for the 4th, we still plan to attend the GR Farmer's Market on Saturday the 3rd. We will have carrots and hopefully the first of the cucumbers! (As well as other veggies.)

We are also patiently waiting for summer's best treat...Tomatoes!

Won't be long now :)

These were picked a couple days ago!

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