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Love & Veggies

Well, we hope all the recent excitement is finally over and we are feeling extremely grateful for the love and family we have in our lives today.

What. a. week. A normal Monday afternoon turned into one of the scariest moments of our lives. Turns out, I, Farmer Bryn, do not get along well with wasps. I got stung on my lip Monday afternoon and within a couple minutes knew something was extremely wrong. I almost immediately began swelling, getting a rash, and having trouble breathing. By the time Wil got me in the car and handed Olive off to my parents in the yard I was almost passed out already. We were to the ER within 10 minutes of being stung and my condition went from bad to worse. An hour or so later after multiple rounds of Epi the decision was made to put me on a ventilator and fly me to the MICU in Duluth because of the severe swelling of my airway. After some very scary moments I was able to come off the ventilator Wednesday morning and released Thursday.

We had hoped to share some other happy news in another way, but this experience was made all the more scary as I am 5 months pregnant and expecting baby #2 in November. We are so thankful for the amazing doctors in both Grand Rapids and Duluth that gave me and the baby the best possible care and all is looking good.

Olive is so excited to be a big Sister!

We've been told full recovery will take some time so the farm will be operating at a slower pace for a while. Please bear with us these next couple weeks as we try to get things back on track. Do understand we will be trying our best, but most likely not everything on our long to-do list will get accomplished! This is very hard for us to come to terms with as we take so much pride and joy in providing the best possible service and veggies to our amazing customers but... if there is ever a moment to reflect and realize what's important in life... it's after having a brush with mortality.

We of course are in peak harvest season, and veggies don't just stop growing, so we will try to keep things moving forward the best way possible.

To simplify things this week, we will be offering a slightly condensed version of the Farm Box for Monday pick up (rather than custom ordering) and then regular Farm Boxes again on Thursday. We will be opening up ordering now through 5pm tomorrow (7/19) for Farm Boxes Monday and then back to regular listing time Tuesday morning for Thursday Farm Boxes & Eggs.

Monday's Farm Box will include:

Lots of beautiful tomatoes!! Slicing, salad, and cherries.

Mix of cucumbers

Zucchini (It is slightly larger than we typically like to pick, as we were unable to harvest on our regular schedule, but still beautiful and tasty!)


Small, sweet green peppers

Please Note: When you pick up your box it will be in 2 DIFFERENT Locations. Tomatoes will be labeled and on the tables (as they do not like to be refrigerated!) and the rest of the veggies will be labeled and in the refrigerators. THANK YOU!

Monday's box will be $20.00

Here is a direct link to ordering for Monday:

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2 comentarios

Can’t imagine how terrifying this was for you and Will. Thanks for sharing and your words of priorities. And big congratulations-love Olive’s name so will be curious.

Me gusta

We are so happy you are doing okay. What a scary experience. Congratulations on your news. We are so happy for you and Wil.

Me gusta
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