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June 8th Farm Box

This weeks Farm Box is going to look pretty similar to last weeks that's pictured above. The broccoli will be replaced with a mix of kale & chard and we will be including some fresh cut basil.

June 8th Farm Box:

- Variety of Lettuce x 3

- Mixed Bundle of Kale/Chard

- Kohlrabi

- Radishes

- Rhubarb

- Fresh Cut Purple Italian Basil

We also have lots of individual lettuce to order. Spring lettuce seems to come fast and furious and then we most likely will not have any available through the hot summer months. So, enjoy it while you can!

Eggs will only be available again this week to standing order customers.

Veggies to look forward to in the coming weeks! Cucumbers are fast approaching, peas are blooming, and the celery is looking good. I'm hopeful that cucumbers will be included in next weeks farm box.

We've still got loads of beautiful plants available if you are just getting started or are in need of a few extra to fill in some empty spaces. It's been so fun to see the strawberries start to ripen!

We are still super busy getting plants in the ground. We've made some good progress with the onions, but still have a couple thousand to go!

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather.

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