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June 28th Farm Box & Veggies

Summer on the farm is in full swing and veggies are coming in fast! This week's box is filled with some summer favorites. Sweet and crisp carrots, delicious green beans, crunchy cucumbers, and the first of the celery.

Contents of June 28th Farm Box:

- Carrots

- Celery

- Cucumbers

- Green Beans

- Kale

- Kohlrabi

- Red & Green Scallions

After harvesting later today, we may add green beans for ordering individually. So check back or watch for an update on Facebook!

We currently have broccoli, red & green scallions, kohlrabi, and farm fresh eggs available to order.

We also still have a few plants listed on sale.

We have been busy busy harvesting, but also planting more vegetables and flowers! We planted over 600 more cut flower plants in the lower garden, hundreds of lisianthus, more peas (as the first batch did not do well :(), a bunch of cabbage, and the 3rd planting of broccoli & kohlrabi. We aren't finished yet, but getting closer! More lettuce, beans, celery, & carrots will be planted in the next week.

It's also that time of year where maintenance is necessary! Lots of tomato pruning, tying up cucumbers, netting flowers & peppers for support, and WEEDING! So much weeding. We use a lot of ground fabric to suppress the weeds, but we can't use it on everything and the weeds still feel endless.

Flowers are also exploding around here! We are delivering farm fresh flowers to North in Bloom Floral weekly and we have started to offer wraps at the GR Farmer's Market.

Something to look forward to...tomatoes are starting to ripen! Yay!

It will probably be about 2 weeks yet before we have enough to bring to market and offer for ordering, but the countdown has begun.

**Please Note**

We will not have online ordering available next week.

There will be No Farm Pick Up on Wednesday, July 5th.

We will be taking the week to spend time with family & friends.

Find us at the Grand Rapids Farmer's Market Saturday, July 1st to stock up on your 4th of July week veggies!

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