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July 19th Farm Box

July 19th Farm Box Contents:

- Small Bag of Tomatoes

- Carrots

- Broccoli

- Cucumbers

- Celery

- Red Onions

- Mixed Bundle of Kale/Chard

I'm going to try a little something new this week and start a Waitlist for Farm Boxes.

So, if you go to order and the box for the week is already sold out, send us an email @ and we will put you on a list for that week only. You will receive an email back if we end up being able to fill a few extra boxes.

I do my best to predict the most accurate number of boxes we can fill based on what I see growing in the tunnel, but before actually harvesting, it is only a guess! Sometimes, we end up with more than we thought, which means more boxes available for you!

The secondary side shoots on the broccoli are big and beautiful this year!

Peppers are looking fabulous also! Can't wait for them to start turning color.

We took a very rare day off from market on Saturday and had a family day picking berries. It was wonderful. We were able to pick 5 gallons of strawberries at Luney Berries Strawberry Farm and 6 gallons of raspberries from our own patch! We don't often take the time to pick and process food for ourselves during the busy summer months, but are so grateful our freezers will be full of these beautiful berries to enjoy through the cold winter months.

We are anxiously awaiting for the pullet eggs to arrive from the new birds so we are able to offer more eggs to order.

We do have a few left for this week.

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