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Here comes the warm up!

The greenhouse is filling up a little more each and every day. It's such an exciting time of year. So many plans, an endless to do list, and so much hope for the season and its bounty to come. It's crazy to think that we are (hopefully!) only 2 weeks away from planting the first high tunnel. Baby lettuces are popping, the broccoli/kale/chard/kohlrabi are getting big, and the first planting of tomatoes it up.

Seeing these forecasted temperatures makes us so giddy!!!

Mud season is fast approaching!

We are trying to move as much snow as possible to try and avoid any flooding. Moving it away from the house (our basement gets wet almost every year!) and the tunnels. In order to plant we not only need the soil to warm up, but for it to dry out enough. That's why we don't want all the snow melting along the edges of the tunnels.

One of our favorite days of the year happened last week...

The arrival of the baby chicks!

They are so cute and fuzzy right now, but they grow so fast!

We will probably start seeing the first eggs from them around the middle of July.

***Please note: We will have a slight interruption in egg pick up next week.

Our egg washer is having foot surgery and will need to take some time to recover before resuming her duties! We should be back on schedule by the 28th.

Eggs are up and ready for ordering for this week's pick up.

Order Eggs Here:

Pick up Wednesday, from 11-2pm.

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