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Giveaway Time!

We want to start by saying a big THANK YOU to all of our customers! We are heading into week 4 of online ordering and we couldn't be more grateful that you have all decided to continue to follow and support us in this new business model.

We still have lots of lovely plants to share so wanted to do a quick Giveaway. Please help us spread the word about Bryndlewood Gardens and where to find us this year! On our Facebook Page ( please Like, Share, and Comment on the post with the picture above to be entered to win a "Garden Starter Pack" of vegetable, herb, and flower plants. ($50.00 value) Let us know what your favorite plant to grow is and why!

We will draw a winner for Thursday morning pick up at the farm from 11-2pm.

We are also offering a sale on Black Eyed Susan Vines: Buy 3 for $15! These are one of our favorite flowers to grow. They are very prolific and love the sunshine. Enjoy their blooms all summer long.

Marigolds and Dahlias are also back on the menu! We have 3 different varieties of marigolds and 2 kinds of Dahlias listed on the website.

The first crop of lettuce is almost gone, but new goodies are coming! The first of the kohlrabi is ready. Yay! Enjoy this crisp mild veggie. It's very versatile. Peel it to eat raw, steamed, fried, pureed, or baked.

Get excited because broccoli will soon follow...

Hope you all enjoy the beautiful weekend.

Place your orders by Noon Sunday to pick up Monday from 3-6pm.

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I did not get a response from you when I placed an oder so I did not know what to do!I had wanted some herbs and a cucumber What do I need to do?????

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