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Fall Carrots & Eggs

We harvested the last of the carrots yesterday. They are so sweet, crisp, and fresh!

That makes our 2022 season a wrap! Nothing if left growing in the ground. The tunnels have been put to bed and are ready for chicken move in day.

We've got bags of carrots available to order and pick up this week. Volume wise, they are slightly bigger than our normal market bunches we sell during the summer and the greens have been removed.

Farm Fresh Eggs are also available for ordering with pick up on Wednesday, 11-2pm.

Did anyone guess right?!

The picture above shows a blank slate, after lots of dirt being moved and sculpted, for another High Tunnel install! Once completed, this will bring our total number of high tunnels on the farm to five! So much growing potential. :)

After 10 + years of growing in tunnels, we wouldn't want to farm any other way! The season extension alone makes the investment worth it, along with countless of other benefits. Good progress was made this fall and the rest of the structure will be completed next spring.

Plans for the 2023 season have already begun!

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