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Cloudy April Days

We woke up to snow on the ground this morning, which lets be honest, is pretty typical for April in Minnesota. What's not though is 9 days of clouds! Snow is sure a lot easier to handle if the sun at least makes an appearance. The picture above is reminiscent of sunnier days from 2 weeks ago when we rented a bucket lift to take down some trees that were leaning a little too close to the tunnels for comfort. It was fun to see a different perspective of the farm. These are 3 of our 5 tunnels. The closest one is our newest that we've adapted to grow all of our plant starts. The other 2 are hidden beyond the pines.

Even though we aren't fans of the constant cloudy days, our cool loving crops are still thriving. Peas and lettuce are growing at a nice pace and we are filling up the rest of tunnel #1 with broccoli, kale, chard, kohlrabi, onions, spinach, carrots, and beans.

Baby chicks are growing and staying warm under the heat lamps!

Eggs are listed for ordering. Pick up Thursday from 11-2pm.

Order Here:

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