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Clean Up & Planning

It was a very busy and productive weekend on the farm. As early morning walks to the greenhouse commence, I'm reminded that I will never get tired of my commute!

Really great progress was made on clean up. I got the germination cooler completely cleared out, vacuumed, shelves scrubbed, supplies organized, and ready for a new batch of plants! After the cleaning was finished, I quickly filled it back up again with sanitized trays and tools. Everything gets a nice bleach bath and rinse. If my morning commute is one of my favorite things, this task will always and forever be one of my least favorite! It is so labor intensive and time consuming, but so essential. This is only a fraction of the trays, which means I have at least a few more days ahead of me to complete the process.

The kiddos also wanted to join in the cleaning process, so I found them a task that included a giant bucket of bubbles and abundant sunshine! :)

I took some breaks between cleaning and worked on the planning part of the season. Working off of a three year rotation, I figure out what vegetables & flowers go where and when they will be planted. Certain beds are replanted multiple times a season, so making sure all the pieces fit together (timing/location) is like completing a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Farm Fresh Eggs are once again available for ordering with pick up on Wednesday, 11-2pm.

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