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Chicks on the Farm

Baby chicks arrived on the farm last week! Always a sure sign that spring is here.

Lots is happening this week.

We have begun to plant the first tunnel. Peas and beans are in with lettuce starts soon to follow. Transplanting is in full gear with most of the first seedlings ready for bigger pots.

Seeding is moving at a quick pace with 2nd and 3rd plantings already needing to be started!

And...we are making sure to take as much time to soak up the warm sun and listen to the birds sing and the frogs start to wake up. Spring is just the best :)

Chickens will be moved back to their summer coop and out of the tunnels soon and are still laying vigorously!

Eggs are listed on the website for ordering, with pick up Thursday from 11-2pm.

Order Here:

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