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August 9th Farm Box & Patzoldt's Peaches Arrive this Week!

We have a busy week ahead. Patzoldt's Peaches arrive this week with pick up on Wednesday, August 9th. We personally look forward to this every year and that delicious first, drip down your arm, juicy bite! There are still boxes available for the 1st shipment so get your name on one today!

Tomato harvest is taking much longer these days as they are starting to come into their own. We will most likely be selling tomatoes and a few other veggies during Peach Pick Up on Wednesday at Patzoldt's.

**Please note: Farm Boxes & Eggs will be in the same location as normal in the Red Shed from 11-2pm, but Peach Pick Up will be located 2 driveways down from us @

3203 Horseshoe Lk Rd, Grand Rapids, MN 55744. **

We have some new veggies appearing in the Farm Box this week. Sweet peppers, Hot peppers, and zucchini! Green Beans are also back on the menu. You will also see either Lettuce or Broccoli this week. It's just going to depend on what I end up finding out there!

Contents of August 9th Farm Box:

- Tomatoes

- Zucchini

- Green Beans

- Sweet Pepper & Hot Peppers

- Cucumbers

- Lettuce OR Broccoli (Depends on the harvest!) Order Here:

You can still get your name on a box today for Wednesday, August 9th Pick Up!

You can also place an order for the 2nd Shipment, which will arrive Wednesday, September 13th.

If you have already reserved a box, here is the Pick Up information!

Pay for your fruit by CASH or CHECK during pick-up times: 8:00am - 6:00pm @


Grand Rapids, MN 55744

​** Only 2 driveways away from us!!**


Or, call: 218-360-2121

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