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August 3rd Farm Box

With the arrival of August comes the bounty of summer vegetables! Tomatoes will be making a regular appearance in Farm Boxes for the rest of the season. Sweet peppers are ripening nicely and we are starting to harvest our delicious sweet onions. Green beans are finally ready (yay!) and cucumbers are growing nice and steady.

August 3rd Farm Box:

- Tomatoes - Mix of Cherry & Other sizes

- Mixed bundle of Green & Red Scallions

- Green Beans

- Cucumbers

- Sweet & Hot Peppers

- Zucchini

- Sweet Onion

Only one and a half weeks until the first shipment of Patzoldt's Peaches arrives!

Place your order today!

1st Shipment of Peaches is Thursday, August 11th

2nd Shipment of Peaches & Pears is Wednesday, August 31st

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