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Aug. 10th Farm Box & Patzoldt's Peaches Arriving

August 10th Farm Box:

- Tomatoes - Mix of Cherry & Other sizes

- Mixed bundle of Green & Red Scallions

- Green Beans or Broccoli

- Cucumbers

- Sweet Pepper

- Zucchini

- Sweet Onions

- Mixed bundle of Kale/Chard

Patzoldt's Peaches are arriving this week! Yay!

They still have plenty of boxes available for the 1st shipment arriving Thursday, August 11th

You can place an order today by clicking the link below!

Order Here:

You can also order peaches & PEARS for the 2nd shipment on Wednesday, August 31st.

We also hope to be set up during Peach Pick Up on Thursday selling tomatoes, onions, flowers, and other veggies!

**Please note, peach pick up is at the Patzoldt's home 2 driveways from us @

3203 Horseshoe Lk Rd **

Pick up is from 8am-6pm - Thursday, August 11th

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