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How is tomorrow June 1st already?! Spring has flown by and summer is (Hopefully!) here. Who else is hoping that freezing temperatures are over?!

If you are just starting your garden, or maybe had an early start and suffered some damage :(, we've got you covered. Our second plantings of tomatoes, peppers, and cole crops are ready and inventory has been updated. All tomato varieties are back in stock and most peppers! We've also added winter squash and pumpkins. We also still have a great variety of flowers and herbs.

We've also added a wonderful new addition...Strawberries! These are a beautiful ornamental AND edible plant. They produce beautiful blooms all summer long as well as tasty strawberries. Yum!

With the warm temperatures forecasted later in the week (91 degrees Friday, EEK!), this will probably be the last chance to order lettuce for a while. Our second planting won't be ready for a couple more weeks. We also added green & red scallions, kale, chard, leaf broccoli, rhubarb, and farm fresh eggs.

With the arrival of June comes more exciting new crops. Things to look forward too...

Radishes by next week! Broccoli and kohlrabi maybe! And beans and peas in a few weeks :)

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