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1st Lettuce of the Season!

It sure has been a challenging start to the growing season, but the first fruits of our labor are ready! Buttery, crunchy, sweet, melt in your mouth, spring lettuce.

We've got multiple varieties of lettuce available, blue curled kale, & swiss chard.

Farm Fresh Eggs are also available.

Order Eggs Here:

Our greenhouse of plant starts is thriving, and we have so many fun varieties to choose from. The Nicotiana is stunning, the Portulaca is vibrant, and the Marigolds are starting to flush in color. Herbs are great to put into planters so you can bring them inside after summer and enjoy through the winter months. Cold hardy veggies like onions, broccoli, and cabbage are ready to plant!

The tomatoes & peppers are growing like weeds! We are going to get a bit of a cold snap again this coming weekend, so we'd recommend holding off planting in the ground just yet. They will need to go through the "hardening" off process we outlined in last weeks blog, so if you order them now, it'd give you the perfect timing to harden them off and be ready for planting next week! They'd also be great to plant into large pots, and that way you could bring them in and out depending on weather.

We attended our first GR Farmer's Market of the season this past Saturday. We got a bit blown away again like at our Open House, but it was fun to get the season started.

Well, it's off to water, plant, harvest, & weed!

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