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Fall House Plant Sale! (+ Eggs)

The cold months have arrived, which means it's time for us to sell some of our wonderful houseplants that have been living outdoors since spring! We've run out of space in our small winter greenhouse so we need to find new homes for them. :)

We've got multiple Spider plants, a few large Lemon Bean Bush, and lots of Jade in different sizes. They are all easy to care for, make great gifts, and bring lots of benefits to you and your home! House plants help lift your mood, are stress reducers, and bring comfort to your home during the cold, white months of winter. A particularly wonderful benefit of houseplants, especially the Spider plant, is they even filter and purify the air in your home. Bottom line, you can't go wrong by adding a happy little plant to your home!

We also have lots of Farm Fresh Eggs available!

Pick up at the farm will continue to be Wednesdays through the winter. Find your order in the Red Shed in the front yard. Pick up time is 11-2pm, but if you are in need of a later time please let us know by emailing:

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