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Dreaming of Veggies

Every day spring is inching closer and we are one step closer to kicking off the new growing season here at Bryndlewood! We are in thick of cleaning out and cleaning up our seed starting greenhouse and making a little progress everyday. It's not my favorite task, and quite a lengthy process, but so essential to start out clean, organized, and sanitized. I had hoped to already have some early seeds started, but no such luck.

I'm convinced the fate of the farmer is to always feel eternally behind!

It was also fun to see Minnesota Grown using our vegetable picture again as their header on their Facebook page. It's that time of year where everyone starts dreaming of farm fresh veggies and the abundance of summer!

We had so much fun hosting parties in the greenhouse this past fall and winter (Halloween, Christmas, & Birthdays), but are looking forward to it looking like this again soon!

We still have eggs available this week for pick up tomorrow, so head to the website and order now! Pick Up Wednesday at the farm from 11-2pm.

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