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To Do List: Plant My Garden

The greenhouse is bursting with color, and the forecast is finally looking favorable to plant! Yay!

Impatiens. Ageratum. Lobelia. Vinca.

The hanging baskets are looking great. The strawberries are filling in nicely, and the first ripe berry isn't too far off! These are so fun to have hanging by the house all summer and get a sweet treat every time you walk by.

If you order peppers and tomatoes this week...know they are getting BIG! Most of the tomatoes are already 24-36" tall and setting nice blooms. If you prefer smaller starts, our second planting of tomatoes will be ready by next week.

We've got a nice variety of lettuce and greens available this week to make tasty salads. We haven't harvested radishes yet, so depending on the amount we end up with, we will hopefully list them by the end of the day.

Farm fresh eggs are also available.

Keeping it short and sweet this week. Too much to do!!


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