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This Weeks Farm Box

June 22nd Farm Box:

- Sugar Snap Peas

- Cucumbers

- Red Oakleaf Lettuce

- Mixed Bundle of Kale/Chard

- Kohlrabi

- Fresh Cut Sage

- *Maybe Broccoli

With the weather getting HOT, summer veggies are right around the corner. Our early planting of cucumbers is starting to produce really well and we just started picking peas. The Farm Box will include the last of the spring lettuce and a beautiful bundle of kale & chard. I'm hoping to have enough broccoli to include in the box this week, but can't guarantee until I pick it today or tomorrow.

Some of the goodies included in the Farm Box this week.

As far as farm work goes, we finally planted the rest of the onions, got one more planting of lettuce in, started pruning tomatoes, seeded beans/carrots/2nd planting of peas, and are trying to keep up with the weeds, which is an impossible task! If you think veggies grow fast in the heat, they have nothing on weeds!

Our greenhouse of plants is finally slimming down, but we still have a variety of veggies, herbs, and flowers. I hope to get some of our own flower pots planted this week and spruce up the house a bit. That always gets bumped way down on the to do list, but enjoy having them if we get it accomplished.

The tomato house is looking great and we've discovered a few ripe cherry tomatoes, but hope to see some of the other varieties blushing red soon!

Hope everyone is finding ways to stay cool during this short heat wave, and are keeping your plants hydrated!

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