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This Weeks Farm Box

Make a beautiful Greek Salad with this weeks Farm Box! Chop up some cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, and red onions. Then throw in some olives, drizzle it with a tasty vinaigrette, and top it off with some salty feta cheese. Yum!

August 11th Farm Box:

- Tomatoes

- Cucumbers

- Sweet Peppers - Kohlrabi

- Red Onion - Zucchini

- 1 Dozen Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs

***We are in desperate need of CLEAN egg cartons! If you've got a stack piling up (or just 1 or 2!), please drop them off if you can. Thank you!***

The 1st shipment of Patzoldt's Peaches will be arriving this week on Thursday, August 12th.

You can still reserve a box and get your hands on some of these incredibly sweet, juicy peaches!

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