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Spinach, Scallions, & Rhubarb!

New this week: Spinach, Red Scallions & Rhubarb!

We have a large variety of beautiful lettuce and greens too!

Memorial Weekend is quickly approaching, which is traditionally the 'safe' time to start planting outdoor gardens. We still have a great variety of veggie, herb, and flower plants!

If you have already planted, there are a couple of cold nights forecasted this week so try to at least cover your peppers & tomatoes or bring things in to a warm garage or house.

We are currently sold out of cherry tomato plants, but our second planting should be ready by the weekend! We also have a second planting of cole crops (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, ect.) that will be ready by the weekend too. So, if you see something sold out, swing by the Grand Rapids Farmer's Market this Saturday or check the website next Monday!

First dinner using fresh basil. Yum.

We have 4 different kinds of basil. Italian, Red Italian, Spicy Bush, and Thai.

Order some here:

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