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September 20th Farm Box

As we get deeper into fall, and closer to the first freeze, it's all the more reminder to enjoy the last tastes of summer while we can! We are starting to wind down around here, but still have lots of beautiful produce to share. This weeks box features the arrival of fall carrots and cutting celery. Also, lots of sweet peppers, a giant kohlrabi, sweet onion, and more!

Contents of September 20th Farm Box:

- Tomatoes

- Cutting Celery

- Cucumbers

- Zucchini

- Giant Kohlrabi

- Sweet Onion

- Carrots

- Sweet Peppers

We also have some bundles of swiss chard available to add to your order.

Farm Fresh Eggs are also on the menu!

Fall sunflowers are popping right now, so keep an eye out for fresh flower ordering this week or next!

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