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Limited Veggies Available This Week

The farm is in transition mode for the next couple weeks. We are moving on from early spring greens, and starting the waiting game on summer favorites like cucumbers, peas, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and onions! Our planting schedule got all messed up with the crazy spring weather, so we are going to need to put a pause on Farm Boxes for hopefully only a week or two. We have what will probably be the last of the lettuce (for a few weeks) available for ordering and a few kohlrabi and eggs this week.

A little peek at what's coming soon. Zucchini, Peas, Broccoli shoots, and not pictured...Cucumbers!

We are having a SALE on PEPPERS this week! 50% Off, which makes them $2.00 each. Now is a perfect time to snag some extra plants to fill in those little holes you might have in the garden. We also have a nice variety of tomatoes left, lots of herbs, and flowers.

Our own cutting flowers are starting to bloom and we are so excited. We made our first summer delivery to North In Bloom Floral last week and can't wait to see what beautiful things she creates!

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Lulu Flanagan
Lulu Flanagan
Jun 13, 2022

I’d love to get some lettuce (2 bunches). What day could I come buy and purchase? Linda

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