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July 27th Farm Box & Updates

July 27th Farm Box:

- Tomatoes - Mix of Cherry & Other sizes

- Mixed bundle of Sweet Onions & Baby Reds

- Zucchini

- Cucumbers

- Hot Peppers or *Maybe a sweet

- Mixed Bundle of Kale/Chard

- *Maybe Broccoli or Beans

This week has been a little harder to predict what will be ready! The green beans are right on the edge, but not sure if they will be quite ready by Wednesday. After harvesting this evening, I may add some individual veggies for ordering, so if you're looking for something other than a Farm Box, check back tomorrow morning!

A couple notes about pick up...

Now that tomato season has arrived, the Farm Boxes will be packaged in two parts. Tomatoes don't like to be refrigerated, so you will find your tomatoes bagged and labeled in the Red Shed. Until we can find a way to fit the large fridge in the Red Shed, the rest of the Farm Box veggies will be in the fridge located right in front of house. Flowers will also be in the fridge in front of the house. Other smaller orders, we typically try to fit in the small fridge inside the Red Shed. Sorry for the confusion! Hoping by Fall we can do some construction and get everything in the same place! As seen in the picture above, money envelopes can all be found hanging in the picture frame in the Red Shed, no matter where your order is located.

Also, to try and avoid traffic jams during pick up, we are trying to create a circle drive, like in past years, given the limited space we have! When you pull in, please follow the cones/flags and circle to your left onto the grass. If you are the first person here, please nose up and park all the way in between the two bushes you see in the picture above. That way other cars can pull up behind you and start a line. Other cars can continue to enter the driveway and the cars lined up have an easy exit out without having to back up anywhere!

The new chickens have finally started laying and we have tasty little Pullet Eggs available this week. The first eggs laid are nice and small with a much larger yoke to egg white ratio. Same great flavor, just packed into a smaller size!

Farm Fresh Flower Wraps

Order Here:

Lastly, remember that you can conveniently pre-order Patzoldt's Peaches & Pears through our website!

1st Shipment of Peaches is Thursday, August 11th

2nd Shipment of Peaches & Pears is Wednesday, August 31st

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