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July 26th Farm Box & Patzoldt's Peaches!

This week's Farm Box is a bit smaller than last week's box pictured above, but is still packed with goodness! We are still patiently waiting on some of our other crops to be ready to harvest. Things to look forward to soon are more lettuce & green beans, sweet peppers, and zucchini. We will also have sweet onions, giant kohlrabi, and cabbage later in August.

Contents of July 26th Farm Box:

- Tomatoes

- Cucumbers

- Carrots

- Small Bag of Sugar Snap Peas

- Kale

We will have a Farm Box Waitlist again this week.

So, if you go to order and the box for the week is already sold out, send us an email @ and we will put you on a list for that week only. You will receive an email back if we end up being able to fill a few extra boxes.

Peach Season is just around the corner!

We are once again partnering with Patzoldt's Peaches to offer online ordering of their delicious fruit for the 2023 Peach Season on our farm website!

For over 30 years the Patzoldt family, starting with Arnold & Wanda, has been bringing the best, juiciest, tastiest peaches from Colorado to Grand Rapids.

The Colorado orchard is located in the unique climate of Palisades, which offers the ideal texture and juicy sweet flavor found in these peaches. By pre-ordering, the peaches can be left on the trees until optimal ripeness and then shipped directly to the Patzoldts.

They typically also offer Colorado Bartlett Pears, but unfortunately they are not available this year.

First Delivery of PEACHES: Wednesday, August 9th

Second Delivery of PEACHES: Wednesday, September 13th

Approx. 20lb Box of Peaches: $52.00

Pay for your fruit by CASH or CHECK during pick-up times: 8:00am - 6:00pm @


Grand Rapids, MN 55744

​** Only 2 driveways away from us!!**



Or, phone orders for peaches may be recorded by calling: 218-360-2121

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