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Introducing the Farm Box!

What is a Farm Box you ask? A variety of the best tasting, in season produce we have to offer! For the rest of the season we hope to offer a number of weekly Farm Boxes for purchase. They will be filled with fresh produce, herbs, plants, and the occasional bouquet of flowers. Each week they will be listed online to order on Tuesday morning, available for pick up on Thursdays from 11-2pm.

This week the box will be filled with:

- 1 Bundle of Kale

- 1 Bundle of Chard or Leaf Broccoli

- 1 Head of Lettuce

- 1 Bag of Frilly Lettuce Mix

- 1 lb of Rhubarb

- Parsley Plant

- Basil Plant

(Please note, your box may not have exactly the same varieties as shown in the picture. That is the beauty of it! Your lettuce may be green or purple, butter or romaine. We pick what's ready to harvest!)

Broccoli is here! We've listed the first harvest of broccoli. Steamed some up last night and it's DELICIOUS! Since they are just getting going we don't have a lot to offer yet, so if you miss out this week there will be more next.

June has arrived but there is still lots of time to plant! If you are just getting started on your garden or need a few things to fill in, we still have a nice variety of veggie, herb, and flower plants. :)

And don't forget...there is still time to get entered into our Giveaway! Visit our Facebook Page and Like, Share, Comment on the post with the photo below to get entered to win a "Garden Starter Pack."

($50 value)

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