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Happy Halloween! (Eggs)

Happy Halloween!

This past weekend we turned the farm into party central!

We cleaned up the starter greenhouse and hosted a Halloween party on Saturday and a Retirement party on Sunday.

We were blessed with amazing weather, venue, and friends!

This week will be one last big push to hopefully finish up our fall farm tasks and projects in preparation for winter. We tried minimally heating one tunnel through the 20 degree nights we had about 2 weeks ago and finally had a heater malfunction, so woke up to frozen plants.

We had a late crop of beans that were close to ready and were still harvesting flowers, cucumbers, and broccoli so it was a bit of a blow. Silver lining is it happened at the end of the season when it wasn't super critical and we can now fix the furnace so it's ready to go by spring! The kale and carrots were unharmed and a bit of broccoli so they are still growing away.

Any guesses on what's going on here?!

We will give you the answer next week. :)

Farm Fresh Eggs are available for ordering with pick up on Wednesday, 11-2pm.

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