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Great Variety this Week!

All of your summer favorites are here! Fresh, delicious dinner options, straight from the garden are endless this time of year.

Caprese Salad anyone?!

We've made BLT's, Tomato Soup, and Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls this week just to name a few.

We've added 3 different varieties of cabbage to our online store this week.

Small Green & Red cabbage and a wonderful tasting Pointed Green cabbage. Plus it just looks cool! :)

We also have 3 different kinds of broccoli. Large heads of broccoli and green & purple broccoli florets.

And don't forget about peppers!

We still have them in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We added a bulk box option of some green peppers this week too.

Sweet onions are here to stay until Fall, loads of green & yellow zucchini, cucumbers, large & small kohlrabi, greens (kale, chard, leaf broccoli), and the best of all Tomatoes!

We thought this recipe looked fabulous and will be trying it out soon. Bonus, we have all the main ingredients!

Find the instructions here:

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! -Bryn & Wil

Direct link to ordering veggies:

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