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Fresh Lettuce & Spring Greens Are Ready!

The time has arrived! We have so many beautiful greens available this week! We've got multiple varieties of lettuce in red & green, chard, kale, and new this year... collard greens. So get out your salad bowl and stir fry pan, because these greens are so sweet, tender, and delicious!

Tunnel #1 is looking a lot more green this week and almost completely planted. Just a few more onions need to get in and one more small bed of lettuce for the 3rd planting. The weeds are starting to grow just as fast, so it's time to start working on the baby carrot bed before they get overrun!

The greenhouse is also looking very green and gaining new color every day. The yellow blooms are really having a moment right now! Beautiful calendula, portulaca, and pansies.

Snag some of these beauties today!

I hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful weather! We had a blast this week welcoming so many of you to the farm and look forward to doing it more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and happy planting! :)

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