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Feels Like Summer!

The weather is warming, the trees are blooming, and harvesting is in full swing!

We have 7 different types of lettuce this week, kale, leaf broccoli, and the first pick of swiss chard.

The Ex Lg Butterheads are peak perfection right now. We only plant this variety once in the spring because it doesn't do well in the heat, so prder one today and enjoy it while you can!

We've also updated some of our flower varieties. Impatiens are ready, Petunias are blooming, Black-Eyed Susan Vines are filling in, Perennial Milkweed is getting bigger, and so many more to choose from.

Check it out:

Gallon Tomato plants are also ready and beautiful. Some already have fruit set!

If you want to get a jump start on our short MN growing season grab one of these beauties today!

And don't forget...we have the tastiest Farm Fresh Eggs available each week!

Hope everyone enjoys the beauty of this time of year and soaks up some of the warm sun!

- Wil & Bryn

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