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Farm Box & Plant Ordering

This weeks Farm Box includes the first radishes of the year and kohlrabi!

It is also filled with beautiful spring lettuce and greens. As the weather heats up, a refreshing salad is always welcome and we love to sauté our kale & chard with butter, bacon, & cream to top a nice bowl of pasta. Pair those two things with a nice loaf of artisan bread from the Farmer's Market and dinner is served!

Contents for May 31st Farm Box:



Lettuce Heads x 3 (Mix of Varieties: Romaine, Oakleaf)

Bag of Frilly Lettuce mix

Mixed bundle of Kale/Chard

We've updated our plant inventory on the website and listed our second planting of tomatoes, which is sizing up nicely. They are still a bit on the small size, but are just right for transplanting! We've got Cherry tomatoes available again and Romas.

Unfortunately, we do not have eggs available for ordering this week, but should be back on schedule next week.

We are still busy busy planting and finally got in our peppers yesterday!

Hope you are all enjoying planting your own gardens. :)

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