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August Brings Sunflowers, Cauliflower, & Ratatouille

Morning sun and leftover rain droplets on our sunflowers after last nights storm. The flowers are just starting to bloom and we just dropped off our first picking at North In Bloom Floral this morning!

Our cauliflower is also getting close and we hope to have the first heads available for Thursday pick up this week.

Our online store is updated and filled with Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Cabbage, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Greens, Sweet Onions, & Kohlrabi.

We also added a fun new option this week...

Introducing the Ratatouille Box!

It's filled with all the fixings for a perfect Ratatouille!


1- Eggplant

4- Sweet Onions

6 - Yellow Zucchini

4 - Sweet Bell Peppers

2 lbs - Tomatoes

Hope everyone's home gardens are thriving and weathered the storms OK yesterday!

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Great slicing tomatoes last week! I am interested in knowing the variety please.

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