Sweet/Bell Peppers, 4" Potted Plant

Sweet/Bell Peppers, 4" Potted Plant

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Aura (Sm. Yellow Bell) - Tapered 2 to 3-lobed fruit. Early maturing on medium sized plants. 73 day. 


California Wonder (Green Bell) - Standard green bell. Heirloom. 75 days. 


Cornito Giallo (Yellow-Specialty) - Long, slim, sweet peppers perfect for grilling & roasting. 75 day. 


Cornito Rosso (Red-Specialty) -  Same as Giallo but red. 80 day.


Early Sunsation (Yellow Bell) - Extra-large yellow fruit that matures earlier than other lg bells. 70 day. 


Glow (Sm. Orange Bell) - Same as Aura but orange. 73 day. 


Flavorburst (Yellow Bell) - Medium-large, 3-lobed fruit. Starts lime green before turning color. 87 day.


Petite Color Blend (Mini Bell) - Eat plant is a different color and shape. Great for snacking. 65 day. 


Purple Beauty (Purple Bell) - 4-lobed, thick walled fruits on productive plants. 74 day. 


Red Knight (Red Bell) - Big, blocky fruits. 77 day. 


Sweet Banana - Use for frying or pickling. Produces 20-30 peppers per plant. Starts yellow and changes to orange and red. 75 day.