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Summer Veggies Arriving Soon!

Spring lettuce and spinach is officially on it's way out, but with that news comes the hope of summer veggies! Our first crop of lettuce is almost gone (we still have some bagged mix greens and a little spinach for Monday), but we hope to have another crop ready in a few weeks. For the time being, we hope we can distract you will some summer favorites. Cucumbers are just starting and we have lots of broccoli available this week.

The greenhouses are looking great with the beans and peas in full bloom. The tomatoes seem to be doubling in size everyday with this heat which makes us hopeful for an early crop this year!

If you are in need of plants, we still have you covered. Lots of beautiful herbs to fill in your containers or put in a cute little pot on your deck. We are also running a sale on Veggie 4 & 6 packs this week.

Buy 4 for $10. (Over 25% discount)

Select 4 different packs to put in your cart from broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, kale, swiss chard, red cabbage, and green cabbage.

Over 5 different kinds of Basil!

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